About Me


Welcome to My Debt Pledge.  My name is Katherine, and I started this blog to keep me accountable in my journey to pay off my credit card debt.  I’m writing this page right at the beginning of my journey, so it’s very much a work in progress.

You can expect to see posts about:

  • things I’ve done to save money;
  • ways to raise a puppy on a budget (because we all know what money-sinks they can be);
  • how to decorate an apartment on the cheap;
  • different ways to make money; and
  • how I’ve tried to protect my credit rating through this process.

A bit more about me?

Georgie-dog, a 3 week old cavalier king charles spaniel who will be coming to live with me soonI’m a 30-something lawyer in Australia, I’m single and live alone with a soon-to-arrive puppy by the name of “Georgie” (check her out, at 3 weeks old on the right – isn’t she a beauty?!).

I’m moving into a brand new 2-bedroom apartment in January 2017 and will need to use all my wits to furnish and decorate it to my (admittedly expensive) tastes, while remaining on a very strict budget as I work on paying off my debt.

When I’m not stressing about my debt, I’m a fiend for a good glass of wine with my friends and love trying out all the great foodie-venues in and around me.  Let me know your recommendations!

You can contact me at anytime by sending me an email: katherine@mydebtpledge.com.  I love hearing from people (new and old), but as a full-time working professional, please understand that I only have limited opportunities to check my emails – I’ll get back to you as a soon as I can!