My Big, Hairy Debt Pledge

Everyone has that moment when they realise that things just can’t continue in this way. Mine was today and it’s time I pledged to bring an end to it! Yes, I’m making a big, hairy debt pledge.

Today I realised that carrying $41,395 in credit card debt is totally unsustainable.  It’s also a little bit frightening, when you consider the state of the world economy today.

More painfully (albeit short term), I’m so stressed by my debt that I just can’t enjoy myself!

For example, I’m currently sitting in front of the fire at a villa in Italy and instead of relaxing and enjoying myself, I’m worrying!  I’m worried about about how much money I have. Can I afford to pay all my bills next month? Is now the time that my carefully constructed facade of financial security falls down around me?

I’ve never been any good at sticking to new years’ resolutions, so instead I am going to make a debt pledgeI pledge that I will pay off my credit card debt within 18 months (yes – all $41,395 of it).

Watch this space for a summary of how I got so far into debt and how I’m going to get out of it!

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