Why I decided to sell my Macbook Pro

As part of my big, hairy debt pledge, I decided to sell my non-essential belongings. This should help me get ahead of my repayments.  When I was being honest with myself, I realised that this meant I had to sell my Macbook Pro.

Yes – I really do love my Macbook Pro

I love my Macbook Pro.  It’s 13 inches of beautiful matte aluminium unibody perfection. It’s hard-wearing and has never yet let me down.  And, it’s also less than 12 months old, and barely gets used since I had a laptop issued by work.  Aside from an iPhone and an iPad, I have a laptop provided by my employer and a PC that is only a few months old.

That’s right – I own both a PC and a MacBook Pro.  It’s completely excessive and totally unnecessary.

Since I’ve not yet mastered the art of using two laptops at once, one of them had to go. I have far too much debt to keep unnecessary excesses like multiple laptops – particularly when they have quite good resale values on eBay! Selling them will make a real dent in my debt-repayments!

Side Note: I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll also sell my PC and just rely on my work-laptop.  There are definitely some dangers in depending on a work supplied machine – I love my job, and I’m pretty comfortable that it’s secure, but I don’t think that’s a risk worth taking.  Thoughts?

So how much will you get for it?!

Well the auction doesn’t finish for another couple of hours, but it’s already at $1425 (AUD).  I’d budgeted that I would get $1500 to sell my Macbook Pro, so fingers crossed for another $75 (at least)!  Depending on the final amount, the 11 months I’ve had the machine for will have cost me something less than $800.

So why did I decide to sell my Macbook Pro?

When it came to choosing between the Macbook and the PC, it was a pretty easy choice.

  • There is just no way that I’ll be able to honour my debt pledge, if I can’t find more money.  This means more than just tightening the belt.  Selling unnecessary belongings makes a lot of sense.  (hashtag sidehustle hashtag amiright, right?)
  • The Macbook Pro has a higher resale value, so for a short-term boost to my debt repayment, it’ll get me a whole lot further.
  • I won’t have to remember the different keyboard style of a Mac and a PC anymore.  This is definitely a pet peeve of mine!
  • Since OneDrive and Office 365, Microsoft has made huge leaps forward in convenience and their technology just seems way more suited to how I live my life.

Selling the Macbook Pro will also immediately pay off my overdraft of $1,000 and will put me ahead of the curve on paying out some of my payment plans.  It will make a real, material and immediate difference to my situation.

But most of all…

I wanted to teach myself a lesson

Yes – I am so angry and frustrated with myself for getting into a situation where I have to make a public debt pledge to pay off my debt.  Like so many others – i’m not an idiot, but when I look back at my decisions… I’ve been really, really stupid.

And I want to teach myself a lesson.

So I am taking away something that I love – my Macbook Pro – in order to reduce my debt, and to teach myself that sometimes you can’t have what you want, right now.

Maybe I’m punishing myself just a bit.  And I’m okay with that – because, like a child, I need to be sent to the naughty corner for making bad choices.

What’s next

I must not allow myself to go back to bad habits once the immediate lack-of-cash is resolved.  It will be really easy for me, moving house next week, to splash cash around to make it “just so”.  But that would set my debt pledge back a long way.  This first month is probably going to be the hardest, but I am going to give it a red hot go!

Read more about how I fell into the debt spiral, and what else I’m going to be doing to get myself out of it!


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