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I made a budget – it’s worse than I expected

I’ve been reading around the blogosphere, and there are many people who have successfully gotten themselves out of debt.  Some have paid off huge amounts of debt.  They each have different ways of doing so, but they all agree on one thing… If you want to succeed in paying off your debt, you need to write a budget.   Well, I finally decided it was time to prove that I could meet my debt pledge.  So, I made a budget.  And it’s both better, and worse, than I expected! Continue reading

How I’ll be paying off my debt – and what will get it done!

If this isn’t rock bottom, it’s pretty darn close.  I have over $41,000 in credit-card debt, and now it’s time to take control of it! It’s the first Monday of 2017 and I’m trying to map out the plan from here and how I’m going to be meeting my big, hairy debt pledge and paying off my debt. Continue reading

The Honest Story of My Debt – How I got trapped in the Debt Spiral

I think I read somewhere that you can’t move forward without truly understanding how you came to be where you are.  Or words to that effect…

So, today is a day for total honesty…

By which I mean acknowledging that I have allowed myself to accumulate $41,395 in credit card debt and payment plans.  The total number is just a bit scary and very hard to get my head around.  How did this happen?  When did I let myself go like this? Continue reading