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I made a budget – it’s worse than I expected

I’ve been reading around the blogosphere, and there are many people who have successfully gotten themselves out of debt.  Some have paid off huge amounts of debt.  They each have different ways of doing so, but they all agree on one thing… If you want to succeed in paying off your debt, you need to write a budget.   Well, I finally decided it was time to prove that I could meet my debt pledge.  So, I made a budget.  And it’s both better, and worse, than I expected! Continue reading

Why I decided to sell my Macbook Pro

As part of my big, hairy debt pledge, I decided to sell my non-essential belongings. This should help me get ahead of my repayments.  When I was being honest with myself, I realised that this meant I had to sell my Macbook Pro. Continue reading

My Big, Hairy Debt Pledge

Everyone has that moment when they realise that things just can’t continue in this way. Mine was today and it’s time I pledged to bring an end to it! Yes, I’m making a big, hairy debt pledge.

Today I realised that carrying $41,395 in credit card debt is totally unsustainable.  It’s also a little bit frightening, when you consider the state of the world economy today.

More painfully (albeit short term), I’m so stressed by my debt that I just can’t enjoy myself! Continue reading